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police and federal agents talk about a crime crack down that happened this morning in oakland. the owner of that business in berkeley talks about plans to bounce back from the fire. the date is set, when voting will start to elect a new pope at noon.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> an early morning fire at the landmark restaurant in berkeley. what the owner and founder of the restaurant told us and what firefighters are saying about a
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possible cause. >> good afternoon i am tori campbell. we just got you information on that story ktvu has been following all morning after a fire at the berkeley restaurant, owner and founder alice waters tweeted the cafe may re-open next weekend and we are now getting word the fire started near some electrical equipment under the building. the iconic restaurant is located at shattuck avenue and we talked with her. >> reporter: she went into her restaurant to take a look at at the damage and emerged shaken. >> it has a lot of emotional -- just sadness. >> that emotion came in part because walking through the damage today was like walking back in time, back to march of 1982, when a fire damaged the restaurant. the improvements made since
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likely saved the entire building today. firefighters say the fire started underneath the building in the subfloor area. when the fire broke out went up the side of the building and broke out those windows that is when the sprinkler system likely went off. a sprinkler system alice waters says she didn't want but agreed to after the builder insisted. >> if anything goes wrong it is go tong save the porch and it did save the restaurant this time because it flooded. it just flooded the porch. >> and that gave firefighters the advantage they needed to get the fire out before it spread. without it they say the building could have been lost to this fire that was spotted just after 3:00 this morning. >> the fire started on the exterior. by the time the companies had gotten here it had spread to the interior. >> even through her tears alice waters insists she feels lucky and resolute. >> we are not going anywhere,
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no we are aren't and i just want people to know they just will have to bear with us just a little bit. >> it appears just like a good meal may take time to finish. >> there is a renewed effort to make it harder to hold gun shows at the cow palace. new at noon state senator mark leno spoke about a resolution to tighten up a loophole that allows firearms to be sold there without local input. christien kafton joins us with an update. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, just an hour and 15 minutes ago state senator mark leno said communities throughout the state have worked to ban gun shows but because the cow palace here sits on state land the counties have no say about gun shows here. the senator said the aim of his new bill sb 475 is to close what he called a loophole. >> so what this bill does is requires that before the state can contract with any gun show
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at the cow palace the board of supervisors of the county of san mateo and the board of supervisors of the county of san francisco merely have to pass a resolution in support of having the gun show here. >> now we have video from previous gun show here at cow palace. supporters of the bill say it would turn power over the decision on gun shows to local leaders, who can then take a pulse of their community. it would require the county board of supervisors in both san mateo and san francisco counties to pass resolutions supporting gun shows here if they want them. highly unlikely, both boards of supervisors have voted in the past to ban gun shows community leaders said gun shows like these pump guns into the surrounding communities where they are used to commit violent acts. the supporters say they are legal and that banning gun shows for legitimate gun buyers would drive them to the black market. we spoke with one owner who
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told me, if his intent is for people to met behind closed doors behind smoke filled bars to buy them on a black market then his proposal is a step in the right direction. the senate bill is set to be considered this spring. we are live at the cow palace, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. the fremont police department is organizing a gun buy-back for a week from saturday. there have been several similar events in the bay area recently. these guns came from a buy back in santa clara county last weekend. the fremont one is held a week from tomorrow, march 16th at 10:00 a.m. at the fremont fire training facility and is open to people living in p fremont, newark and union city. coming up a ktvu investigation reveals how many travelers are still trying to bring weapons through airport security. despite increased security
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measures. right now san jose city workers are conducting a major sweep of the city's largest homeless encampments, earlier this week those living on the city evened property received notice they have to leave. janine de la vega joins us and tells us what it looks like out there. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. i just spoke with police. they say so far there has been no hostile confrontations. people are leaving and complying with orders. behind me you see a truck out there hauling off the trash, everybody is dumping trash and debris into that dump truck. this field here already looks completely different than what it did this morning. next door to the san jose airport police officers and city workers headed into a field with tents. more than 120 people have been living here for months. they have been given notice they were trespassing but some had not left yet and didn't know where to move to. >> i have no idea, i am going to bring myself to the road and
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i don't know from there, i don't know. >> as of right now i am hoping maybe a night or two at the motel if everything works out all right. if not maybe in the car. >> you are trespassing. >> this is city owned land where nothing can be built because of the proximity to the airport. they say it raises health and safety issues and some are packing up and moving there. the city realizes that but offering outreach services to build rapport with them to get help. >> i think the more consistent we are in the application of these clean ups and the more frequently we do them and break them down the less we will see. >> they are halling that off. the cost of the clean up is between 20 and 30,000 dollars, city officials admit there is not enough hogsing housing for them and that is a band-aid, it
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is frustrating to her. >> there is a lot of them, then you don't get a bed and get bedbugs, then you get robbed, you are better off out here. >> the city says they will hire a security firm to help prevent people from setting camp back up here because they don't have enough officers and rangers to do that. back out her life again you can see people still hauling away their own belongings, some of them again are not sure where they are going to go. screws still need to scwork on this side of spring street because this whole in campment took place on both sights but again it looks a lot better than what it did. city council plans to meet next tuesday to discuss long-term solutions to trying to find permanent mouseing to people who are in this situation. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2news. >> new job figures are out today and offer good news for
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people looking for work. according to the labor department the economy generated 2 36,000 new jobs in february, that push the unemployment rate down to 7.7%. that is down 2/10s of a percent from january and the lowest rate in four years. analysts say the job gains were broad-based led by that, it also shows they are confident about the economy despite higher taxes and government spending cuts. the new numbers are a big reason the dow was up. the index sur paced its record close on tuesday and is on track for its 6th straight increase, the numbers now, the dow is currently up 49 at 14,379, the nasdaq also up 10, s&p up five. two lanes of 880 were shut down last night because of a fire. the back of a fully loaded sysco food truck caught on fire around 10:30 north of 66th
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avenue, the driver acted quickly. he unhooked the burning trailer and pulled the truck's cab away from the flames. no one was injured. >> i am brian flores live in oakland where local, state and federal agencies took part in a major gang crack down this morning. we will tell you how many people were arrested coming up. >> mark tamayo says the spring like weather is back and will tell you about warm temperatures headed this way. >> it was just very sudden. by the time i even thought somebody might be there the guy was already in my face. >> in his own words the victim of a home invasion robbery talked about what happened and how high tech tactics almost caught the culprit.
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♪[ music ] >> the venezuelan national anthem rang through the hall for the funeral of hugo chavez who died tuesday from cancer. leaders from latin-american nations all attended today's funeral. the nation's vice-president is scheduled to be sworn in as interim president this evening. roman catholic cardinals have wrapped up a week of
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meetings and now all 115 cardinals are at the vatican. they announced this morning this coming tuesday they will begin the conclave to select a new pope. in the last 100 years the longest conclave lasted five days so there is optimism the new pope will be chosen before the beginning f of holy week. cardinal timothy dolan wrote in a blog post this week they are focusing on major issues like preaching and teaching, caring for schools and hospitals and protecting families and the unborn. oakland police join forces with state and federal agencies for a large crime sweep this morning that is part of an ongoing operation called cease- fire. we have more details on the story breaking during mornings on 2, brian flores joins us live with late information on a news conference still going on to let us know what prompted this action. >> good afternoon, this operation included the oakland police department, u.s.
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marshals, the dea and atf, the area targeted mostly surrounded oakland and the surrounding communities but other areas as well. high profile officials including the oakland mayor, police chief, state attorney and u.s. attorney all part of this press conference today going on as we speak. the results more than a dozen agencies served at least 21 warrants this morning in what is described as one of the biggest gang and violent sweeps in oakland. this is part of operation cease- fire which you mentioned us an anti-crime anti-violence initiative, the raids netted 18 arrests and confiscated firearms and targeted a known gang called the case gang and money team. they said they were successful in disbanding them, some are charged with attempted murder, robbery and home invasions, this started in the early morning houses in gear raiding their houses. the state attorney said planning for it actually
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started last november. >> we fulfilled a promise today that i made to this community back in october. and that is we will use every legal means possible to identify those that are involved in violent crime and to bring them to justice. today we kept our promise. >> and in particular looking at a gang that has been roaming the streets of oakland, terrorizing, good and hardworking people, and this was a focus that was about combining and collaborating around resources that we have on a federal, state and local law enforcement level to do the work of conducting investigations and sur veil lapse, surveillance to gather the evidence we believe will be supported in a court of law to find these folks accountable. >> now officials say this marks a change when it comes to combating recent violence here in oakland and marks a better
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collaboration with other agencies and the police chief says expect more in the future. john sasaki will have more at 5:00 and 6:00. live ear in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2news. >> a man pleaded not guilty to chargeless resulting from the death of a girl along slope boulevard last saturday. karen brewer is charged with vehicular manslaughter and two counts related to driving under the influence. the manslaughter charge alone could bring 10 years in prison. the bail is set at $300,000 and is scheduled to return to court in san francisco on march 27 fort th, for a pretrial hearing. more details on the crash that killed that person. the board of supervisors approved funding to make the boulevard safer. the city will pay $130,000 for
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safety improvements and cal trans will pay 790,000 dollars, the improvements will include flashing lights at crosswalks and wider sidewalks. a home invasion robbery early this morning left a san francisco man shaken but unhurt and two men in custody. the man who lives in this house near 23nd and thatharo streets says he woke up after midnight and found two men in his house, they held him at gunpoint. he asked us not to show his space. >> so the first guy took me into at the bathroom. had me in the tub with the gun to my held and held me there while his friend sort of ransacked the house. >> the men stole two computers, an iphone and an ipad, police tracked them to the to the house where they arrested them and recovered some of the electronics. an investigation has found that federal security officers have confiscated a wave of handguns from passengers here at airports here and across the country, details from requested
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public records show that 11 guns were seized at sfo since last year, six more confiscated at oakland international airport. not just guns, our review of the records shows stun guns, knives and grenades also seized at u.s. airports. a tsa spokesman says many passengers say they simply forgot to remove them from their bags. security consultants say this is 1 reason why the tsa conducts such thorough screenings. >> the key is you got to keep the bad guy off -- off his game. the way to do that is random. now i got to reassess my whole way of how to beat the airport security. >> the records show stun guns were taken from travelers at the san mateo airport and sfo then. work crews were called to a water main rupture in oakland this morning. firefighters responded to the incident at 14th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. fire officials say after inspecting the leak they
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discovered the water was coming from a aa pg&e transformer and they were calmed to fix that and the problem had been spewing for a week but was finally reported this morning. >> the rain clouds have moved out to the bay area, still cool temperatures out there and some gusty winds. the focus of all the unsettled weather is south. here is a live camera toward the golden gate bridge, point diablo on the other side and point bonita and look at the water, white caps a good sign of winds and they have been picking up over the past 3 to 4 hours, right now on live storm tracker 2 you can't see the rine showers, the focus toward southern california, the bay area with lingering clouds with partly cloudy skies i mentioned the winds as we do that and notice those winds toward fairfield but look toward sfo,
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winds at 28 miles an hour, a good strong westerly breeze in place, as far as temperatures recovering, lower 60s toward napa, santa rosa 62, san francisco 55, livermore upper 50s at 59. forecast headlines for today, partly cloudy and breezy, gusty winds. this weekend a dry forecast. temperatures will be warming back up. in the extended we will be tracking more low 70s. a big change in the weather pattern. here you can see the storm system drifting toward los angeles and san diego, behind it clouds but also strong gusty winds in the forecast for today. possibly into your saturday. here is the key headline over the next few days, today on the cool side and more locations lower 60s. sunday is the warmest day the of the weekend and the warming continues into next week. by tuesday neighborhoods approaching the low to mid 70s, around 73 degrees. here is our forecast model showing you lingering clouds 5:00 this afternoon.
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then we will start out saturday morning with overcast into the afternoon hours the clouds clear out revealing g sunny skies. temperatures today warmer than yesterday. talking about 50s and lower 60s. antioch 60, san jose tops out at 60, san mateo upper 50s, 59. here is a look ahead. your five-day-forecast with your weekend always in view and your weekend rapidly approaching. no rain clouds. in fact no rain clouds in this 5 day graphic. temperatures sunday warmest locations approaching 70 degree mark, then next week lower 70s, right around 72 and 73 degrees and tory don't forget to change the clocks, daylight saving times begins this weekend. it used to happen the first sunday of april. >> right, yeah. >> -- extended so get -- >> -- earlier -- >> -- sleep -- >> -- tired -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- from walnut creek are california's newest millionaires, they just claimed their 33 million dollar super
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lotto plus jackpot about two hours ago. they chose the cash option and will get 23 million dollars before taxes. and the win comes at a good time because he lost his job a few months ago. he described the moment he checked his winning ticket. >> i thought i am just dreaming. i removed my eyeglasses and rub my eyes again and again, really, maybe 10 times. no, that is it, that is the one. >> massud bought it two days ago there. this morning's president conference was quickly organized because she is a hairstylist and said she needs to get back to the bay area for a 1:00 appointment. >> another look at the still rising stock market ahead and why it is not safe to go into the water at some florida beaches. [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card.
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[ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler! a burst of hiring in february pushing stocks higher, they are up 60 at 14,390. today is international women's day, the time to honor achievements of women past and present. it started in the early 1900s and is an official holiday in more than 25 countries, the annual celebration of women's political, economic and social accomplishments. lots of sharks making people nervous in florida. hundreds of sharks are off deerfield beach north of ft.
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lauderdale. the sharks migrating only 300 feet from the shore. lifeguards are keeping people out of the water and also using helicopters to make sure the coast is clear. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 at long last it is here, san francisco's central market street neighborhood has been waiting for a police substation. today it arrives. how this is contributing to the revitalization of the entire neighborhood. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you next time news breaks and we are always here for you on ktvu mobile and captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. send comments to

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